The Journal for the History of Knowledge is an open-access access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the history of knowledge in its broadest sense.

The JHoK Blog serves as a platform to increase the outreach of research by publishing supplementary content related to the journal’s articles.

The editors of the blog encourage journal authors to reflect on their own research practices. The short essays posted here provide complementary perspectives on research approaches, intriguing details that could not be included in the journal articles and anecdotes about the authors’ work as scholars.

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The Team Behind the Blog

The JHoK Blog is managed and edited by Monica Klasing Chen, Assistant Professor for Chinese Art History at Heidelberg University. In her dissertation titled “Memorable Arts,” she analyzes mnemonic techniques and the codification of practical knowledge in imperial China. In her current project, she tackles the social history of errors. Monica is also a quilter and a painter.

As language editor of the blog, Anna Simon-Stickley assists the editor in publishing. Besides her studies, she has worked for several years as an editor and translator for academics and artists alike. Anna’s Master’s thesis deals with the experimentalization of attention around 1900. Here, as elsewhere, her research interest lies in thinking with tools – both metaphorical and physical – and their mutual entanglement.

To get in touch with the blog’s team, write us at jhokjournal@gmail.com

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